Start your own cloud crypto mining platform


What you will get?

Try the following Demo website:

admin access:
Username: admin
Password: munnashah91

What will we need from you?

  1. Brand name & Domain
  2. Logo and icon
  3. Hosting
  4.  Mining Script

1. Brand name & Domain: Find your dream brand name, during select a name i will suggest you to keep simple and easy to remember, also make sure domain is available, Get the domain from Namecheap.

2. Logo and icon: After selecting a brand name go ahead to design your brand logo and icon, you can get designer from Fiverr.

3. Hosting: In the terms of flexibility, performance, and simplicity we will use Cloudways to host your dream website, Get hosting from Cloudways.

When server will be ready follow the steps Goto Cloudways Applications > Access Details from MYSQL ACCESS get the DB Name & Password, after that at APPLICATION CREDENTIALS  enter a Username & Password > ADD.

After getting following info sent to me.

Cloudways Access

4. Mining Script: To getting start your own social network website WoWonder will be best choice, Get the script from Codecanyon

After getting all the required things place an order and provide your information (Brand name, logo, icon, Codecanyon purchase code, Cloudways user name & password, database name & password) at

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