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How to make a social media platform

Are you looking to create your own social media platform, but don’t know where to start? In this article, we’ll show you how to make a social media platform within just a few minutes using a user-friendly tool.

One of the key features of this platform is its responsive, professional, and lightweight design. With just one click, you can turn your website into any social media platform, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter.

What do you need to start?

You will need a domain, hosting, brand logo, icon, and social script to get started. You can get all those things from the list below. 

Top Features

Before jumping into the installation process let’s see the features of our social media platforms. 

Admin Area: The platform also comes with an amazing admin panel that helps you to configure all of your website settings, change themes, manage features, languages, and much more. This makes it easy for you to customize your platform to meet your specific needs.

React on Post: One of the key features of any social media platform is the ability for users to like, wonder, dislike, or react to a post. This platform includes this feature, allowing users to engage with your content in a meaningful way.

Video Streaming: This platform also offers video streaming capabilities. This means that you can go live anytime, anywhere, and share your moments with others instantly.

Payment Gateways: Another great feature of this platform is its support for various payment gateways, such as PayPal, Stripe, and crypto payment. This allows you to start selling your services and earning money right away.

Monetisation (Make Money): The platform also offers various monetization options, including a marketplace, funding, advertisements, pro packages, subscriptions, and wallet transfers. This means that there are plenty of ways for you to make money with your social media platform.

Overall, this platform offers all of the features that a social media platform needs to be successful. So why wait? Start creating your own social media platform today!

Let's make a social media platform using Cloudways

Follow step by step guidance to get your own social media platform using Cloudways solutions. 

Step 1:

Watch the video below for next step.

Step 2:

Watch the video below to get the domain name from Namecheap and connect the domain with Cloudways server.

Step 3:

Buy the WoWonder PHP script from Codecanyon and download the script from download page. 

Now we have to upload the WoWonder PHP script on your server, to do that we need to install FileZilla on our computer and install it.

After install open FileZilla, Now we need have enter the Host, Username, Password, and Port which we will find on Cloudways. 

Watch the video bellow 

Once all files will uploaded

  1. Go to
  2. Agree the Terms of Use then click Next.

Now we have enter few details here

  • Purchase Code – Envato purchase code.  What is this?
  • SQL Host name – MySQL host name, e.g: localhost
  • SQL Username – MySQL username.
  • SQL Password – MySQL user password.
  • SQL Database – MySQL database name.
  • Site URL –
  • Site Name – Your site name, max 32 characters.
  • Site Title – Your site title, max 100 characters.
  • Site E-mail – Your site email, ex:
  • Admin Password– Choose your admin password.

To get the SQL Username, Database & Password go back to Cloudways > Applications > Access Details, You will find all of the information there

Once you have wrote the information, please click the install button and wait for a while, the installation process may take up to 5 minutes.

Change Color Schemes

You can change your Website’s Color Scheme in an instant. You can edit from these locations:
  • Main red colors from -> Design -> Change Site Design
  • ./themes/wowonder/stylesheet/style.css
  • ./themes/wowonder/stylesheet/style.css

Change Logo & Favicon

The Logo Can Be Changed From -> Design -> Change Site Design

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