Cloudways Review: Is This The Right Hosting Service For You?

Choosing the right web host for your site can be tricky! There are so many different types of hosting services out there, with lots of companies trying to promote their product as the “best” one.

It is very difficult to tell which ones are truly the most reliable and efficient unless you have done in-depth research and comparisons. This article will go into more detail about some of the factors that determine which type of hosting is best for your website and business.

As a developer I made a lot of websites hosted by many different providers. So, after a lot of testing and research, I am here for Cloudways Hosting Review.

In this articleI will be showing you some of the results of the tests I ran on Cloudwayssuch as Server Response timeUptime, Speedand Load Handling Capacity.

In this particular Cloudways Reviewwe are going to talk about how Cloudways perform compares to other hosting companies based on my personal experience.

So, Cloudways will be a good choice for you? Let’s try to find out!

Cloudways Review

Website Speed
Ease of Use
24/7 Customer Support


In my opinion, Cloudways is one of the best-managed cloud hosting providers in the current hosting market in the terms of faster loading, uptime, scalability, support, and performance.


What is Cloudways?

Cloudways is a web hosting company that offers affordable cloud-based platforms. These platforms make it easy for you to launch your own website or blog, without any prior programming knowledge required. You can also use it to run an online business – perfect for entrepreneurs who want to take their business online quickly and easily! With so many features available, cloudways is perfect for anyone with an online presence. So what are you waiting for? Sign up today and start hosting your website or blog on Cloudways!

What’s more, Cloudways offers a wide range of features that businesses might find useful, such as unlimited bandwidth and storage, backups, security protocols, and support for multiple languages. In short, we absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for quality cloud-based web hosting services at an affordable price. 

Cloudways was created to provide its customers with a combination of managed and unmanaged hostingso they are able to get the very best of both worlds.

Cloudways Overview

Cloudways is the best Managed Cloud Hosting business based on five unmanaged Web hosts which are Google Cloud, Linode, Amazon Web Services,  and Vultr.

gro business
Simplicity and Choice
Performance That Scales
Transparent Pricing

You can grow your business with fewer  restrictions and more freedom

Your apps will load faster, giving you improved load times.

Transparent pricing will be suitable for every business.

Choose the Right Cloud Provider and Location for Your Projects

Cloudways Servers

The most important fact is in a cloud host, your data is stored in several places to ensure that a better uptime and speed

Cloudways Pros and Cons

Pros +Cons –
UptimeNot Offering an Email system
Load Handing
24/7 Live support
User-friendly UI

Cloudways Speed Testing

To test Cloudways and share my experience I have made a automated news website using DigitalOcean starter servers at $10/month, you can follow the video below if you interested how i made automated news website using cloudways from scratch.

Testing Parameters: Cloudways Review

When we select London server we getting full page loading speed 0.89 second without Breeze Cache plugin, I think it’s more than enough, More optimize possible If you want more faster you can contact me.

Speed parameters from London server
LocationPerformanceFull Page LoadFirst Meaningful PaintNetworkDom CompletePage Size
LondonFast0.89 s400 ms517 ms0.80 s2.9 MB
New YorkAverage2.28 s1.8 s1.94 s2.19 s2.9 MB
Uptime99.99% from last 240 days
SpeedLondon: 400 ms
ServersNginx and Apache
Backups and RestorationAutomatic + manual backups (charges $0.033/per GB) with one click
MigrationOffering one free migration for all plan of hosting
SecurityFree SSL, CloudFlare CDN, Bot Protection, Server monitoring, Firewalls, Blacklist, and much more
Customer Support24/7 Live support by email or chat
Data Centers75+ locations
PricingDigitialocean staring from $10/m
Refund PolicyOnly 3 days trial, Not offering for refund

Discover Key Features & Cloudways Console

Dashboard: Cloudways Review

You will see the interface below when you first log into your Cloudways account. This page will contain everything you need to know about your hosting account.

Cloudways Dashboard

1. Performance

Cloudways provides the best performance tweaks to guarantee the best possible results!


#Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

Compared to a traditional CDN, Cloudflare Enterprise delivers significantly improved performance. The tiered cache globally delivers your content a lot quicker through a reserved-for-enterprise network and minimizes latency, loading time, and bandwidth costs.

You can find the Cloudflare in the add-on section

Cloudflare addon

#SSD-Based Hosting

Your websites will load much faster and faster because of the 3x faster SSD drives.

#Advanced Caches

Cloudways supply an optimized stack with available caches, such as Memcached, Varnish, Redis, and Nginx, to provide expedited responses.

#Automated Cloud Server

Your website will never crash, which is something you need to be happy about. With auto-healing restarts, most of the problems with the server are fixed.

#Dedicated Environment

All Cloudways servers have dedicated resources. dedicated server environment allows you to optimize your server and app performance, unlike shared hosting.

#Free Cache Plugin for WordPress

Breeze is a free, easy (but powerful) WordPress caching Plugin created by the Cloudways team. To optimize WordPress performance, it offers a variety of options. Breeze is available pre-installed on Cloudways.

Breeze Cache Plugin

#Image and Mobile Optimization

By simply activating the Cloudflare Enterprise add-on, you are going to improve the user experience on all screens instantly by using mobile optimization and Polish with Mirage.

2. Security

You can be confident that your servers are protected with the proactive Cloudways security practices. Cloudways doesn’t have the typical cPanel like other web hosting companies, but its has customized control panel that gives you both application level access and server-level access!

What this means is you do not have to use any third party applications for accessing your server as well as making modifications to it. All of this can be done in a few clicks from the Cloudways console.

You are able to access the following server – level options by going to the server tab and selecting your Server.

Cloudways Security

#Dedicated Firewalls

Cloudways ‘servers are protected by an OS-level firewall to keep out intruders and filter out malicious traffic.


Built-in 1-Click Free SSL Installation Let us Encrypt SSL enhances site security with a dependable certificate that meets all your HTTPS requirements without any cost.

Cloudways SSL

#IP Whitelisting

It makes easy to work with regions or networks with restricted access to SFTP and SSH by creating a whitelist of IPs.

cloudways-security-whitelist IP

#Security Patching

They’re install regular software updates on server. This keeps away from weaknesses as well as ensures a secure managed cloud server.

#Two-Factor Authentication

For your Cloudways account, TFA provides an easy and effective additional layer of protection against intruders to your server.


#Bot Protection

You are able to protect your WordPress sites from traffic congestion brought on by malicious bots, brute force login attacks, and Denial-of-Service attacks.

#DDoS Protection

Advanced DDoS Protection with Cloudflare Enterprise add on is exclusive to Cloudways IPs and prioritizes routing for enterprise grade mitigation of DDoS attacks in less than three secs, against layers three, 4, and 7. Ensure that your application is protected when you submit it online.

#SafeUpdates for WordPress

SafeUpdates add on can detects automatically, and performs plugin, theme and core updates for your site, keeping your sites secure and running all the time. Save a huge number of hours of work as well as dollars a month with just one click.

3. Control

With an intuitive UI and an easy-to-use UI, you can easily manage your application and server from the palm of your hand.

Automated Cloud Servers

#App Settings

There is no need for complicated commands to be executed from the command line. The intuitive and user – friendly Cloudways Platform makes it easy to change all app settings.

#Server Settings and UI

Powerful options permit you to set up and deploy applications on the server and upgrade packages and manage a selection of server parameters.

#Backup & Restore

With 1-Click, your on-demand or automated backups are made at a remote location and backed up again. With just one click, you can even revert back to the previous state.

Backup and Restore

#Cron Job

The built-in cron Job manager from Cloudways makes scheduling Cron jobs simple. With just a couple of clicks, you are able to set up rules & enable cron jobs.

Corn Jobs


Control WordPress sites like a pro with the powerful commands of WP CLI. The latest version of WP-CLI is pre installed on all our servers.

#Stop App

You are able to stop all cron jobs for an application with just a click of a button, which disables access to an application from over the internet, SFTP / SSH and restricts access to it.

#Varnish Settings

The Cloudways Platform makes it easy to control and enforce Varnish cache rules. As needed, you can exclude or incorporate URLs or cookies.

#Queue Manager

For Laravel applications, the integrated Supervisord process manager enables you to control processes.

#Application Web root

Cloudways makes it easy to change an app’s web root. The web server can be set up to serve files from a new place with just a couple of clicks.

Master credentials

4. Integrations & Addons

Cloudways offers a variety of add – ons and various web services that provide many Cloud conveniences.

Cloudways add-ons

#Cloudways Bot

CloudwaysBot sends real – time alerts of various selected events via your preferred channels including Slack, HipChat, and API.

Cloudways bot


To control the Platform, build your own solutions. Making use of the RESTful API, you can develop, integrate and manage your apps and servers on Cloudways.

#Migration Add-on

Their experts in migration migrate the sites perfectly with very little downtime, providing one free migration, advice on infrastructure and more.


There is an easy and reliable way to set up an external SMTP service as a gateway for receiving email from your server.

Cloudways SMTP

#Email Add-on

Get cloud based email inboxes from Rackspace for just for 1 USD for guaranteed uptime and superior security and 24 / 7 support.

Cloudways Email

#Upgrade Add-on

Cloud engineers focus on the details of your apps so that no downtime is experienced as all tasks are carried out in a staging area.

#DNS Add-on

You can have a premium DNS service, which means you will not have to worry about getting DNS errors. When your main site goes down, all the traffic is routed to a preconfigured secondary IP.

#Support Add-ons

You also get priority resolution, extended app level support and more.

5. Collaboration

A smooth and collaborative workflow achieve your objectives with a collaborative and smooth Workflow.

Add team member

#Git Integration

Git auto – deployment enables you to deploy the latest code on live servers the moment changes in remote repositories occur.

#SSH and SFTP Access

Making use of SSH or SFTP to update folders and files on your app is safe and sound. You can even have your team members generate their own SFTP credentials.

Access details


With just a click of a button, you can clone entire servers or create copies of individual sites. This copies files and databases to new staging URLs.

#Multiple Teams

Cloudways enables one individual to be a member of various teams so that each little project is divided among the relevant teams.


Do you manage many websites? By creating Projects, you are able to group applications and classify them. They can be assigned to specific teams or individuals.

#Staging Area

With Cloudways dedicated Staging environment, you are able to test changes to the application and push them in just 1 Click without breaking the live version.

#Add Team Members

Distribute your work with colleagues, no matter their area, and delegate them limited or total access to your app or server.

#Server Transfer

Server Transfer enables you to effortlessly transfer ownership of the servers for your customers or any kind of other person by through the 1 Click hosting option.

#Cloudways WP Migrator Plugin

You can easily migrate your WordPress site to Cloudways from an old web host, without any hassles or charges.

6. Monitoring

For your peace of mind, Cloudways provides you with round the clock server monitoring.


#24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Your server has been monitored in real time 24/7/365 and you are able to observe more than 16 various metrics from the convenience of the console.

#New Relic Integration

To troubleshoot and identify bottlenecks, New Relic allows you to gain insights on app performance with New Relic.

#Cloudways Bot Notifications

The AI – based intelligent assistant transmits real – time performance insights to improve apps and servers, and integrates with Slack, emails, and more.

FAQ: Cloudways Review

How do Cloudways keep your site secure?

When it comes to keeping your site safe, Cloudways takes security very seriously. That’s why the platform offers a variety of features to protect your data from all sorts of threats. For example, Cloudways has a firewall and virus scanner that will keep your site protected against intrusions and viruses. In addition, 24/7 customer support is available should you need it. Overall, Cloudways provides an excellent foundation for businesses looking for reliable web hosting services with advanced security measures in place

Are there any hidden costs associated with using Cloudways?

There are no hidden costs associated with using Cloudways – everything is transparent and easy to understand. Plus, customer service is always quick to respond and excels in providing top-notch support. One thing that may surprise some users is the fact that Cloudways imposes bandwidth limits on certain users. This helps us keep our services reliable and fast for everyone, while also limiting data usage in a controlled way.

How are Cloudways’ performance and uptime?

Cloudways is a leading cloud hosting company that offers quality hosting services at an affordable price tag. It has an attractive pricing structure with monthly plans starting at only $10 per month and boasts an impressive uptime rate of 99.99%. Furthermore, Cloudways provides 24/7 customer support for any issues or questions you may have. Overall, Cloudways is a great choice for businesses that want quality hosting services without breaking the bank.

What are the different types of cloud hosting?

There are two main categories for individuals who want to start their own website or need a good web hosting service. These include shared web servers and dedicated virtual private servers (VPS).

A shared server is an internet server that has plenty of space to store information, files, and applications. Because there is so much free room, it is easy to overbuy and spend too much money online.

It is also difficult to tell how much bandwidth each person on the site uses since everyone else in the same area is using similar services. This can result in someone else’s poor performance because you used up more than your share.

A VPS gives you access to your own slice of the computer server. You get your own domain name, and you control every aspect of the device. This includes being able to install apps, software, and programs easily as well as having full access to all of the storage space and bandwidth.

What are the benefits of cloud hosting?

There is no doubt that technology has made our lives easier in every way possible. With all of these apps, services, and digital tools, it can become difficult to find the right balance between personal and professional use.

This is why there are so many different types of web hosting available. Rather than having one type of host that doesn’t offer the features you need, or worse, costs too much, there are now ways to get everything online free!

You can create an account with virtually any company’s hosting service by paying a small monthly fee. Some even give you additional storage space or bandwidth depending on how much content you have. It’s totally up to you whether you want to pay for more or not.

There are also some sites that will actively monitor and test your speed to see if they can help improve it. This is helpful since most hosts don’t do this by default.

What are the data centers where cloud hosting services are located?

Data center location is an important factor in choosing the best cloud web host for your site. You want to make sure that the servers you’re using are of good quality, and that they’re somewhere that you can easily access them.

Some factors such as latency and bandwidth will be different for every website and user, so it’s not really importance unless you know what differences matter to you.

It’ll also depend on how much traffic your site gets, if people outside your area are going to visit yours then having a closer datacenter is more important than if most people inside your country visit your site.

There are several types of data center facilities, and some are better or worse than others depending on which ones are more expensive but still effective.

You get what you pay for, and things like power supply, temperature control, and security measures vary from facility to facility. Make sure you do your research and find out about each one before signing up with any given provider.

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