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How to get Astra pro license key free

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In this article i will show you how to get Astra pro licences key for free not only that in the end of the article i will share tricks how you can get Elementor Pro plugin with official license for $5-$10 which will save your $1000 

What is Astra Pro?

The Astra Pro Addon is a plugin which extends additional features and enhances the capabilities Of Astra theme, It will increase user experience and added more features in your Astra Theme. 

Get the Astra Pro license key

We will get Astra Pro license for free by the help of Cloudways if you don’t know what is it Cloudways is a cloud-based application platform that provides users with ability to install any popular CMS within few click like WordPress, which allows them to build custom websites in minutes without any coding knowledge.

Additionally, Cloudways has built in features like automatic scaling and performance optimization so that your applications run smoothly even during peak times.

also offers developers the ability to create, deploy, and manage applications using a single platform. This makes it easy for them to focus on what they do best – building complex and innovative software – while leaving all the operational complexities to Cloudways.

This comprehensive platform makes it easy for you to get started with web development—no matter how experienced or novice you are. As long as you have a strong understanding of HTML/CSS3/JavaScript fundamentals, you can start building your dream website right away!

If you using any others host you can try Cloudways 3 days for free trial without any credit card. whatever, today our vision is get the astra pro license key for free. 

Step1: Click on the “START FREE NOW” to start creating the account. 


After that you will see like this, Now enter your valid information there, One import things if you want to get 30% discount use this promo code TREAT22 in the promo code section and click on “START FREE”

cloudways start

Watch the Video Below for next Step

Get WordPress Popular Premium Plugins License

As bonus i would like to share how you can get premium licenses for lifetime within $5-$10 USD, You will find all most of premium WordPress plugins like Elementor Pro, Astra agency, WP Rocket, Rank Math Pro, Crocoblock much more as you need.

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